Like SmartTiming, SmartEntry was born out of frustration with the current suppliers of event entry systems. The general assumption is that all event organisers are flourishing businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth here in the Lowveld; they are either sports clubs or schools, not registered for VAT or the brave (as I once was) entrepreneur trying to stage events in a vast area where little interest is shown in pre-entering any event.

I was tired of being told "we only charge 4%" and then find out that they forgot to mention that they charge VAT as well - 18.56%!!! Or being locked into an entry portal for a year! Running clubs hardly manage to get their details out 8 weeks before the event, and they want you to pay R1200 a month for a year.

I started by taking my own pre-entries on-line and late in 2015 started processing entries for The Sabie Experience MTB stage race for a friend. I have since been approached by others as my simple and cheap pricing structure proved to be far cheaper than the recognised portals.

The arguement that the large portals offer great advertising is a valid one (not sure that it warrants a 12% increase over my fees though) and I am addressing it by launching this portal which will make regular social media comments and send out emails (to those who do not opt out) and generally attempt to increase your marketing effort. At the end of the day it is your event and you need to market it as best you can.

Upcoming Events

Easter 100k Challenge

Fun/Training Run

White River, Mpumalanga

Date: 2019-04-19

Time: 06:00

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It's FREE, just click on the link below and fill in the form, we will list it here, no strings.

Well, one, if you make use of our on-line entry portal we will promote your event on the main page, if not you will be listed with all other events, in date order on the Events page and the search panel will allow users to narrow in on your sport, location, date etc.

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